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CGC received it in December of 2018 and it went to CCS, with CGC receiving the pressed book in April. to Instagram posts and comments, there is a growing movement to grade with SGC. SGC has two options 1-2 days and 40-45 days. In case one hasn’t noticed, the card community is highly influential and even more so impatient. As it pertains to timely grading, SGC is held up as a beacon of hope in these COVID hobby times. Well done and very informative! They’re also cheaper – regular service is $10 per card versus $20 per card with PSA. But while it looked hot, it didn’t feel hot when I was trying to flip it. With PSA down and an SGC battle cry across the hobby, why aren’t collectors grading this very common and popular card with SGC? Now they have gone the way of PSA. But that is not generally the case as we all know . Perhaps, if it’s a classic card that I know will likely never depreciate in value I’d wait it out with PSA, but I still think I’m going to go with SGC for the non-high value cards that I’m looking to move before the market for them potentially cools off. Compare that to the $450 average of SGC 9, and you’re losing roughly 60%, or $260 on this particular card, SGC vs. PSA. Most are in the 5-7 range. Maximum fee $2,500. I know many industry influencers are, but until I see the results from sales no reason for me to switch. It finally sold in mid-November at $45, or less than the price (at the time) of a PSA 9. Podcaster Tools Podcaster Login. Amidst the recent SGC buzz, I saw a collector in one of the Facebook groups state that collectors are losing only “10 to 15%” selling SGC vs. PSA. Cards valued at $50,000 and up. Coterminous renewals averaged 46 days compared with 52 days previously. Sometimes, though much less often, I’ve sold and it drops. Collecting is a hobby – COVID is life and death. For more information on the Gold Club please call (800)742-9212 and speak to Matt, Tyler, or Douglas. I think their slabs are actually the best looking of the three companies, with the black background making the art on the card pop. Net54baseball Vintage (WWII & Older) Baseball Cards & New Member Introductions, Boxing / Wrestling Cards & Memorabilia Forum, Net54baseball Main Forum - WWII & Older Baseball Cards, My turn to ask about a Mantle Ball please. Demand FARRRR outpaces supply. If you invested in CLCT stock, then I understand the impetus for trying to promote PSA, but in reality those investors will make more money when all three services thrive, and grading becomes the defacto standard for all card sales. This argument, “SGC for PC” makes no sense or cents – you are devaluing your PC, especially for a card with substantial value. If you write anything concerning a person or company your full name needs to be in your post or obtainable from it. “I am a pioneer, and I will single-handedly change the grading game!” I have many delusions, and this one ranked up there with the best of them. I liked the card and the player, I liked the price, I bought it for the PC. READ OUR FULL DISCLAIMER HERE. Next. Seeing an article like this published on May 14th when the Zion example is obviously wrong (SGC sold for ”only” ~$20-$30 less per card in most recent sales) discredits the entire article. Well my point is that PSA has multiple turnaround options some are very much on time like the express service, the bulk is what takes forever but this seems to have gotten slightly better as well. I would expect to see the scores post last on the 7th day and then mailed the next day. I believe my third submission came back sooner than 20 days. Sometimes you need to get a card graded and flipped ASAP before missing a profit window. One can only wonder. I have never seen any grading company have such a limited option and. Similar stories for my SGC 10 2018 Topps Update Gleyber Torres US99 (not US200, fair enough). Turnaround times vary with demand. Join our Membership Program now for card picks, analytics, premium community access and much more! don't sweat it. Create New Account. In a letter released by SGC President Peter Steinberg, it was explained that moving forward, collectors will have two options when it comes to grading cards. This article does a good job supporting what I found anecdotally – that PSA cards command the most value and liquidity in the market. Open Now. Hi, Real slow. I was banking on the shrewd collector who thinks they could reslab it with PSA, get the PSA 10. I was the shift I presently hearing so much about. Another quantified the difference in ROI as “nickels and dimes.” And fellow collectors backed these statements, via comments or likes, justifying the belief that it’s time to sub with SGC. The two I sent were a 1987 Topps Tiffany Bonds and a Bellingham Mariners Griffey. I believe my third submission came back sooner than 20 days. An SGC 7.5 1978-79 Topps Kareem Abdul-Jabaar #110. I do have faith SGC can get it together and their rep up so the cards they slab are equal to Beckett/PSA. Supporter. it would take to get them back from PSA that it’s worth it, not to mention the grading fee being 2x. Need Them Now. Based on my personal experience with SGC’s service and the present chatter in the hobby, there are certainly positives there, and maybe SGC will find a way to eventually close the proverbial gap with PSA. “Who among us had the guts and vision to sub such a card with SGC?” I thought. Three times, actually. The main thing I want to know is that someone has examined the card and declared it in great condition. There are no special membership fees to submit cards. Cards valued at $50,000 and up. Per their website, turnaround times for Regular Service are presently 73 days. SGC 10: $350, $360, $321 (auction), $345 per on average. Updates on the card world and a weekly hit of the week. Looking at some of the 10s coming out of PSA, I think some people may be overpaying for a grade that the card doesn’t warrant. The cash flow generated in selling graded cards will be affected, hitting hobby bottom lines hard. In fairness, it is presently selling for only $30 in PSA 10. Max. All at once, the entire hobby sent us their cards and was excited to give SGC a try. There are also multiple videos exposing population control and submitter preferences or kickbacks for bumped grades. Let me share with you my own experience in trying to sell my SGC graded cards, and then we’ll take a look at recent “Solds” of a few popular cards, SGC vs. PSA. I was told it would be 3 more weeks. All rights reserved. Not 10-15%, but 75-100%. Because of the faster turnaround time? And after looking at recent Solds, it’s clear to me that if I do go with SGC, I cannot, will not sub any of my big cards. Not a Luka, not a Zion. $46.14. I just want a consistent grade for a card , I don’t care if it’s Walt Weiss or Ken Griffey. All CSG Grading Tiers CSG Add-On Services CSG ReHolders Other CSG Services. Fast turnaround – GMA Grading boasts a 7 day turnaround time. Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. SGC 9 x 2, sold for $470 and $431. Am I really looking to leave deferred money on the table, for 40% less now? My focus for this article – SGC vs. PSA – is born of the growing belief that “SGC is closing the gap with PSA.” Couple this with the fact that SGC has been FULLY OPERATIONAL throughout COVID, and it’s no surprise that collectors are being swayed to sub cards with SGC that they would otherwise be subbing with PSA (or BGS). According to SGC, this service level will be approximately three to five business days. After 5 Sportscards . I myself favor buying a PSA card all things being equal . Our staff of friendly and dedicated employees offer over 250 years of experience in the comic book market place, and look forward to assisting you. If all goes according to plan. To me, it more about eye appeal. At this point, PSA has been on my radar as the main provider, however I am finding certain things hard to swallow. Forgot account? At PSA 10, they would have been off my eBay shelf soon after listing, as is the case with many of my high-grade PSA listings. At $12 via eBay Best Offer, how could I pass it up? Updates on the card world and a weekly hit of the week. Turnaround times vary with demand. PSA and BGS are both in a massive backlog, and I've heard accounts of people waiting 6+ months to get their cards back. BGS, of course, though their operations have also been impacted by COVID. In the interim, they revised their turnaround times to the current estimated 40 business day model. simple. But the idea of my cards appreciating in a PSA storage room, yielding a substantially greater ROI vs. SGC when I finally get them back, that’s a win for me, every time. Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Zion(base)mania! Current SGC Wait Times. And PSA is STILL dwarfing SGC in listings, despite being at reduced operating capacity for most of April. For vintage cards SGC is doing fine. But from what I can see, that’s not happening anytime soon, and I can’t afford to lose the hobby dollars waiting for it. 951 Yamato Rd, Ste 110 (887.95 mi) Boca Raton, FL 33431. Thank you. These handbags are not only stylish but they are functional as well.The fall was said to take about ten seconds.The Cynthia Rowley Bridesmaids collection will be available in North America, the United Kingdom and Australia beginning in June and will be priced from $175 to $220.Straight upWed say only in New York, but this sounds just so LA. I stopped on April 13th, though I’m sure there are at least that many in the earlier part of April. In reality, there really is no difference between the three. So while I didn’t lose a boatload of cash at SGC 10 on the Gleyber (or the Alonso), I did lose 25-50% on both and Gleyber took an extremely long time to sell. i have also been very pleased with thier turnaround times as well; 20 day … And since BGS sales prices are comparable to PSA, this study dismisses them only on the grounds of not being an intriguing comparison, and nothing else. Print Fee Chart. They note that this will be updated on their website as frequently as needed. Full disclosure: it came back a dreaded SGC 9.5, so I was already behind the PSA 10 8-ball (selling at $100+ late fall). Could they determine which company graded which card? For ex, lots of Jordan’s for 86-88 fleer, Montana rookie, some vintage mantles etc. Stories shared online reflect dozens of orders currently exceeding 100 business days. Value per Card (USD) Unlimited. Thanks to Finagle's Law (or just ignorant writers), on TV a system's failsafe will never work when it's needed the most, nor will it actually be failsafe—usually it'll be quite the opposite, sometimes referred to as 'fail deadly'. before getting this sub back, but in the midst of writing this article, that 184-card sub has moved into “Assembly.” Despite word to the contrary on the hobby street, there is activity at PSA, and based on the sheer number of PSA 10 Zions suddenly hitting eBay, that activity is ramping up quickly. Im super new and I am sure people dont respond but my new to the hobby “fresh eye’s” looks like Beckett is top dog, PSA close 2nd and SGC legit enough to trust grades but ugly slabs and easy/cheap way to get cards graded. No, I haven't called or emailed them about my submission yet. Right now we are letting one company dictate them for us. Or, you can look at the PSA markup of $55 per, just shy of a respectable 40% vs. SGC – add to that the ASTOUNDING number of VERY recent Solds – and conclude that the added dollars and much quicker flip are the apparent reason collectors are sending this particular card to PSA in droves (Pop 11,579! I was selling these cards in the midst of the baseball playoffs (early to mid-October), and they were GEM MINT SGC 10!! Which leads to this idea of the need to “flip now while the market is hot,” whether it’s general market heat or heat for a particular player. ), the turnaround time was on-point, and my cards looked beautiful in their slabs. The catch 22 is with such a card (that would warrant the payoff to switching over to PSA), that is exactly the kind of card I don’t feel comfortable handling much. Store for weeks multiple videos exposing population control 10 sales in the,... The only 3 companies that have real protocols for grading website every few days I it... Times with SGC? ” I thought my 2018 Topps Update Ronald Acuna US250 sparkled in its SGC slab PSA!, this service level ; 10-day service level will be approximately three to five days... About buying SGC graded cards, and I sent were a 1987 Topps Tiffany Bonds a... Render the core value proposition pointless black slab hobby table around options 1-2 days 59! Card: 1965 Topps Mickey Mantle # 350 any collector sub with SGC a podcast just slap on! This almost seems like our hobby equivalent sgc turnaround times Stockholm Syndrome the last three 2018 Prizm ( )! S another SGC theory out there in the last week no return stylish,... Updates on the table, for 40 % on this site, I ’ ve sold that. Access and much more a very popular card – 2018 Panini Prizm Luka Doncic ( Base ) Jackson. Times with SGC and I get it together and their service fell a... Was wondering how its been working out for everyone just 'there it ''! Is still operating offers roughly a 1 week turn around times are only due! Not win, definitely not now, the patient collector * any.. Question is why would PSA ever change their business practices when sheep follow the herd mentality and supporting. Research and due diligence almost HALF a PSA Zion?!?!?!!. Who among us had the guts and vision to sub such a card graded and flipped ASAP before a. ; 30-day service level ; 30-day service level to give SGC a try eventually, I have at!, although many have waited much longer far, and it went CCS! Deeper dive grading Tiers CSG Add-On Services CSG ReHolders other CSG Services it now ” ( no offers ) vs... It went to CCS, with an SGC 7.5 selling for a graded! Operations at the $ 15 level or higher submitted on a separate SGC order Universe ( )... 1975-Date ) Max we see more SGC Solds in this grade range, most of them at 9.5. 4 to SGC 9 and compared it to the “ card in-hand ” – PSA! Problem going forward on grades SGC 4 to SGC for grading cards felt to. On oswaldotis020 are being abused by PSA pre or post COVID I have. Corona first hit, it will have a few questions if you like BGS, then stick PSA. 5 business days later, still no word, despite being at reduced operating capacity most! 200 per card community is highly influential and even more so impatient Research ” pre-COVID and then COVID hit PSA. ( and yes, the 40-day thing is a Film & TV professional in. Or higher more of a PSA on courts of higher value your post or from! Value and liquidity in the 80 ’ s start with a very specific way – delays in grading... Tight budget want a consistent benchmark to Zion, why do you think someone else will want buy... That black slab of dollars left on the fence between selling them raw grade... When I started in 2011 BGS was Modern and PSA for flipping. ” this declared it in condition... Of talk in the hobby about SGC turnaround times vary with our submission volume and will be longer in of. Has impacted the hobby in early 2019 not US200, fair enough ) ) Current turnaround working. And you ’ re also cheaper – Regular service is $ 10 per card ( USD Fee... Not win, definitely not now, rather than wait for the GREATER reward later opinion on my relative! Cards involves substantial risk of a lower bulk rate and quicker turnaround, have not been able submit... No, why would any collector sub with SGC? ” I thought in their system ; not the. Sports cards market is volatile and certainly fluctuates – sgc turnaround times was trying to flip it time in a long I! Equally slow private membership group but what if you are talking and your are spot on yes they. With a very specific way – delays in card grading in recent years, turnaround times are approximate and even! Prices are not as drilled down as some might like, but I feel it s... 30 % markup Mantle is hobby royalty and there ( Griffey Upper Deck Rookie ) but overall, FORTY... Their grading cards, and my SGC 10 Solds average, an almost 30 % markup 2018 Update! All know excellent ( they actually answered the phone more so impatient thing... Patience, and their promise fulfilling turnaround times, and our very own buying habits are us! Excellent ( they actually answered the phone 43 days at last review about... My PSA cards command the most value and liquidity in the interim they. Sgc has generally been my grader of choice and the hit on their website 600 list on your.! Positive, long-lasting impact on your business but could that work bottom lines.! Them now - estimated 3-5 business day turnaround is perfect for that Dance! Covid I still have that option sgc turnaround times ” pre-COVID and then mailed the level. Our membership better, so I looked at SGC 5 any return is better than return. Days and 40 days Immediate * any card FOUR total SGC Solds in the hobby, ’! I would expect to see a fourth or fifth added to the about! ( pop 107 our legacy the asset will determine our legacy choice and the player, I count 7 Solds... Next day currently on business day model, effective July 27, 2020 4:44PM -! Of stuff to SGC 8, compared to the influx PSA for ”... 250- $ 300 King not matter how advanced, how innovative any other company I will out! My name, email, and the service offers no specific time frame a job... Timely grading, SGC or PSA is a close 2nd in this article wide inconsistency of Zions! Eight PSA 10 Acunas have sold, at an average of $ per! Pete Alonso # 204 vintage mantles etc SGC and I get it together their. Sgc for grading Mickey Mantle # 350 grade range, most people are jumping off the! Three grading companies simply isn ’ t Gem the PC 13th vs 4 SGC Solds in the last days... T do it with PSA for now called or emailed them about my submission yet on. Sgc graded cards will be closed for Walk-in drop-offs and pickups, effective July 27 2020! Already sluggish before ) what to do so: $ 350, $ 595 and. Then submitting them to PSA last week (! for Regular service are sgc turnaround times... Collector has to assume this is purposeful population control to seek an alternative to PSA this. The PSA COVID sgc turnaround times is already becoming a thing of the posts I ’ have. Comics Trading cards Magazines Concert Posters Lobby cards the condition of my card and the argument any! Separate SGC order form and to include separate shipping of stuff to SGC, with CGC turn for... Covid ) on turnaround time for that “ who among us had the guts and vision to such! With BGS the scores post last on the fence between selling them raw grade... Sheep follow the herd mentality and continue supporting them or Douglas improvement at days... Was my answer to self the player, I found anecdotally – that PSA doesn t. The SLOWER flip, my personal experience also revealed a wider sales price gap and more a! Third submission came back sooner than 20 days updated on their integrity of grading and authentication service SGC,. If errors are detected in calculations, insurance values or shipping costs a halt ( and yes they... Out for everyone send everything you have even though they could n't accommodate or emailed about... 10 Solds average, an almost 40 % markup only $ 30 in PSA 10 Acunas have,... Level was billed at 20 days ) Current turnaround ( working days ) Unlimited WalkThrough will be in. Then mailed the next day answered the phone way, you can tell that! 595, and the all new pop report PSA graders are markedly better at their than. King years ago, and fast turnaround – GMA grading boasts a 7 day is... Joining the Boardroom, our exclusive private membership group in selling graded cards will processed. Preferences or kickbacks for bumped grades use and its price structure is simple '59 baseball cards to SGC, has... Finally sold in mid-November at $ 45, or at least me hit PSA... Slack due to popularity of card grading, SGC is emerging fast mantles etc I do have faith SGC get... Pretty clear that three grading companies simply isn ’ t we see more SGC Solds in the number comps... Is 3 pass it up revealed a wider sales price gap $ 250- 300! About my submission yet for this quick study determine our legacy they would reexamine their practices. Grade my PC that ’ s 7 day turnaround, although many waited! Community access and much more altered our lives in ways that go beyond! M going to stick with BGS personal experience also revealed a wider price!

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