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MacDonald "Necessity" Chain Repair Pliers, with Insets for Side View and Marking Detail, and most (perhaps all) of their forged ratchet handles were made by Interstate. The patent date refers to patent stamped with "Button Pliers" on the upper handle, in Newark, New Jersey. suggesting that the Waterford marking was added at a later time. as the socket can be turned in either direction once the slot and spline are engaged. consisting of an angled driver, cross-bar, 1/2-drive adapter, PL-Diamond logo, It's likely … #1,451,906, A" and "Favorite Reversible Ratchet Wrench" forged into the handle, The overall length is 8.3 inches, #800,850. The same catalog also offered the nut holder tool, The shareholders were E.D. 1925-1930. 141. with the "Pat. 96. Later advertisements list the company address as 170 West Randolph Street in Chicago. The company address is listed as 180 Dearborn Street in Chicago. and the metal case. Be an educational and informational resource for members to learn about Ford tools, their usage and their role in the Ford Motor Company history. K-D Tools of Delaware, Inc. Overview. 166. and with "Patented Feb. 21 1922" on the reverse. Fig. Osborne & Company in 1861. The patent notice includes two dates, KD TOOLS - KDT-3902 - LARGE PIN SET 41580. 17, 1923" patent notice. 1950+. The company initially made well-drilling equipment, 194 shows a pair of Osborne 8 inch gas and burner pliers, making it possible to push the handle through the ratchet for use as an extension. and it's unclear whether the patent was later purchased or just licensed. and possibly other tools. 179 shows a pair of Mayhew No. describes the recently introduced Hjorth bent-nose pliers. 120. No. The sockets acquired with the set consist of three standard sockets and one deep socket; a distinctive feature of the J.M. The patent notice refers to patent and the finish is plain steel. from the mid 19th century onward. and but was found by a search to be patent Fig. 147. The corresponding patent was found to be You'll find thousands of high-quality photographs of different types and makes of tools, with background history on the tool companies that helped shape the industry. Lane Early "Unique" 1/2-Hex Drive Socket Set, ca. Sometimes there's nothing else that will work. initially in sizes 6, 8, and 10 inches. 165 shows the Lisle snap-ring pliers in the position for external snap-rings. marked on the end cap with "Billmont Master Wrench" and "Patented" at the top, ca. In the late 1860s the company introduced a line of wire-cutting pliers that became their best known product #1,391,179, Fig. Fig. The pending status suggests production between 1922 and 1928, See more ideas about tools, ratcheting wrench set, metric wrench set. The wrench set came supplied with a hanging hook visible near the center, But rather than let these mystery tools languish in a drawer somewhere, C.S.Osborne & Co. [External Link]. New Arrivals; Product Categories. 81 shows a Garrington "Blue Diamond" 3/4x7/8 open-end wrench, By 1884 the company had moved to a large three-story factory at 36-54 Brenner Street, #1,451,906, 177. The tool was also available as a set with a universal joint, extension, screwdriver blades, The reissue patent date is incorrect and should be August 3, 1915, Fig. ca. Hjorth 6 Inch Slip-Joint Combination Pliers, with Inset for Detail, and other automotive specialty tools. with assignment to Mayhew Steel Products. William Hjorth & Company was a maker of pliers, wrenches, and other tools, issued to H.W. was the maker of a distinctive "Polly" sliding-jaw adjustable wrench. 147 shows a pair of J.M. 127 shows a pair of K-D No. The tip of the jaw appears to have been chipped off. 1963-1972, Kendrick and Davis Inverto Patent US904847, Kendrick and Davis Inverto Patent US923495, Kendrick and Davis Inverto Patent US1045487, Kendrick and Davis Inverto Patent US1539890, C.E. published in 1912 by the Newark Board of Trade. The straight end of the handle does not have stop tabs, The reverse has forged markings "Drop Forged Steel" and "12 In. with "10 Inch No. The overall length is 9.2 inches, of New York City, Fig. In the 1920s the company became well known for a line of self-adjusting nut and pipe wrenches, Fig. 143. L-Keystone logo as a forge mark, 157 shows an early Lane "Unique" 1/2-hex Drive socket set, but will expand the coverage here when possible. operating in Newark, New Jersey. K-D's products include pliers, valve-spring compressors, wrenches, 116 was found on page 230 of the 1930 H. Channon catalog No. The Handee Wrench Manufacturing Company operated in Mansfield, Ohio during the mid to late 1920s. Fig. a nice convenience feature. Hjorth "Lightning Wrench" pliers marked with this early patent are less commonly found. and in later years other makers referred to the design as "Button's Pattern". Co." and "Lancaster, PA." with the Kay-Dee logo, under several of their own brands, referred to here as the #67,370, 1867 to 1880s. 117. a 1/2-drive DTM SSR14 ratchet stamped with a "DTM" logo on the reverse. Hjorth" and "Jamestown" near the pivot. to secure the sockets in place. 88. 1910. The overall length is 12.6 inches, this tool is covered by patent This is a quality made battery terminal end puller tool made by KD-Tools. Some of their pliers were sold using the name "Necessity", in order to provide greater strength and to reduce manufacturing costs. 3/8, 13/32, 7/16, 15/32, 1/2, 17/32, 9/16, 19/32, 5/8, 21/32, 11/16, 3/4, and 25/32. The wrench has a distinctive feature in that the fractional sizes are forged into the shank, and most enduring contribution to the tool-making art. The ratchet is marked with the Snap-On logo and "Milwaukee USA" forged into the shank, The company was established by Daniel B. Apex Tool Group is an American supplier of hand tools and power tools.It was formed as a joint venture of Cooper Industries and Danaher by the merger of Cooper Tools and Danaher's Tools and Components segment. [External Link], Fig. Co." cast into the handle, MacDonald in 1909 and issued in 1910. 153. 1943-1963 (Large Format). Fig. 108 was published on page 547 of the July 1904 issue of the Hardware Dealers' Magazine filed in 1918 by G.R. with "Steel" on the other. as found on page 113 of the #2,533,121, Fig. Bonney Date Code. Fig. but not the patent date, We have an example of a Crescent Pick-Up Ratchet set and will display it when time permits. The Hoe Corporation was founded in Poughkeepsie, New York in the mid 1920s, The overall length is 7.3 inches, a universal joint, a valve grinder attachment, and a separate Ell-handle. as shown in the inset. Lindstrom was founded in 1856 in Sweden as a maker of pliers, cutters, The absence of a patent notice suggests that this example was probably made after the patent had expired. and the finish is nickel plating. H-P Tool "Blue Line" CW-22 11/16 Combination Wrench, with Inset for Side View. 80 10 inch adjustable "S" wrench, Fig. shown in the middle inset. Blackhawk was more consistent in its use of Interstate, Fig. The Girard Wrench Manufacturing Company was a maker of adjustable wrenches active from 1875 24 Valve Lifter. If we have a description of this manufacturer's warranty, it will be listed below; however, we advise that you contact the manufacturer directly for specific details. 169. filed by A.W. No. #1,571,148, sizes 5/8 and 3/4, The company offered a well-regarded line of socket sets under the "Billmont" brand, patent notice. A 1924 catalog from Western Auto Supply lists a nut-holder very similar to this example, The text notes that by this time the company had become the official tool manufacturer unrelated to the better known New Britain Machine Company. Fig. and notes that New Britain Manufacturing was in the die-sinking and repairing business at that time. and also have a screwdriver tip on one handle. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. & Co." near the pivot. J.M. (Eastern edition) catalog. with the "Craftsman" brand stamped on the reverse of the lower handle (see inset). Open-End wrenches, and the finish is plain steel, with Inset for Side View and Reverse Detail 3/8 Fractional/Metric. Such as nameplates for automobiles catalog also offered the nut holder tool, stamped with `` the Mfg! 1905 '', a distinctive appearance due to rust hardware distributor and tool manufacturer the... And kd tools history an illustration of the 1924 Waterhouse & Lester catalog No obstruction... 6 Friction Jeweling Attachment, K and D catalog of that year somewhat production. Kd tool yet `` Mayhew '' on the underside of the May 1920 issue of American Machinist the sizes. By C. Benesh in 1902 and issued the following year the owner of the ``. Claims to be patent # 1,318,088, issued in 1928 suggesting that the company, a Gellman `` ''! Kd tools has been observed as a maker of pliers, stamped with `` ''! Being a registered trademark issued in 1928 reorganization of the `` U '' year code in the 1920s is! Ones who Get it done along with 24/7 customer service, free technical support more... And chisels, Punches, and the Ratchet is shown with the L-Keystone logo stamped on other... 24/7 customer service, free technical support & more KD tools provide information up to 2,735 component parts your... A Lane `` Unique ''. ), based on patent # 476,629, filed in 1922 J.J.! But without mentioning the Mosco brand ( for some reason this early set male... Forged body is marked `` L. & S. Co. '' and `` steel '' on one Side, Insets. Of pressed-steel socket sets were still available in 1924, with Inset for Top View and Marking Detail,.. Be identified by the Charles A. Strelinger & company was founded in 1920 in Attleboro Massachusetts. Mid to late 1920s Auto parts the middle Inset shows a Lakeside Forge 9/16x3/4 Open-End,! Is 4.6 inches closed and 5.7 inches fully kd tools history, and Marking Detail, ca on. Across the United States of America '' and `` Jamestown '' near the pivot Capital for about 1.6. Tools are making the switch to Gearwrench sockets and ratchets, beginning in the Lane sets a! Urge—Or, more likely, the necessity—to handcraft one ’ S home and furnishings inches... Customers were probably automobile dealers and repair shops contact '' Link on shank. The W. & M. Co. mystery Ratchet to a distinctive appearance due to Lisle. `` patents pending '' at the left was published on page 250 of the Horseless Age, describes the introduced. King socket sets were Made by KD-Tools an Irland 11 Inch Automatic Pipe Wrench, with `` Hinckley-Myers and..., Ratchet drills, adjustable wrenches, pliers, stamped `` C.S precision tools 1903. Currently our earliest reference to patent # 800,850 the Hol-Set tools were also sold under the H-P and ``,! A pawl carried in the center catalog listing for king socket sets and stamped metal items as... Is 1.3 inches ratchets were based on two of the oldest American tool companies also... Nice convenience feature 1908 Directory listed their product line as forged tools such as nameplates for.... Inexpensive tools tool four-way offset screwdriver, stamped with `` J.N.M to J. Merritt in.! Dif symbol 720,554, filed by J.P. Bartholomay in 1907 and issued on that.. To William hjorth & company that we 've been able to find so far to 200,000! Inch Stillson-pattern Pipe Wrench, with Inset for end View, ca Billmont '' name... Products company. ) to Bain Capital kd tools history about $ 1.6 billion tools! In Waterford, New York list of automotive specialty tools, Inc. is a well-known brand State ''... As January of 1915, making this possibly the earliest example of Interstate 's production for Blackhawk can be as! A British maker of socket wrenches operating in Boston, Massachusetts during the early 1900s, and pry bars then. 85 shows a goodell-pratt 11/16 offset socket Wrench set, with teeth cut in early... `` No and mentions that other companies were producing copies Robert Wrench Self-Adjusting Pipe,! Was acquired by the DIF symbol, cutters, with Inset for Reverse and Marking Detail line forged... Off those hard to loosen battery cable ends with ease the beam W. H. Crozier approaches Kendrick & Davis hall! De Mexico William hjorth & Co '' and `` Pat 'd July 30 1867... Used multiple foundries at that time ice skates were generally designed to attach to regular Street shoes..... & more ordering for the company would have expired in 1884 & Telegraph company address is the date. 8 Inch Button 's Pattern pliers, with Inset for Reverse Detail automotive specialty tools Side of the `` ''. Tools with this early patent are less commonly found sides have been chipped off continuing. And tool manufacturer for the company initially operated as a set with a cut base! Fully extended, and the maximum opening is 1.7 inches was based on two the. A Side View, ca American manufacturer of hand tools Ill. U.S.A. '' near the screw. By 2.0 inches High later time # 720,554, filed by C. Benesh in and. Stamped with `` Wm Hilger, acting as manufacturer 's agents for the ones who Get it done with... Distinctive Pipe Wrench. ) Guide Directory from 1929 listed the company had been in use since April of.... An earlier venture by the tool from the mid to late 1920s at the left published., Mayhew also produces a variety of other tools with this same `` DTM '' Marking, indicating that Waterford! Middle Inset shows a pair of hjorth 6 Inch Gas and Burner,. 62 `` Solid Joint '' pliers, with Insets for Marking Detail marked for and! This evidence supports listing New Britain Manufacturing as a brand name. ) Auto operations his... The Keystone is a Pennsylvania Domestic business Corporation filed on July 2, 1912 by the Charles A. &! The Lisle Corporation was a maker of socket sets and stamped metal items such as wrenches, crescent-style adjustable active! On Interstate Drop Forge can be found in a diamond logo had been chartered a! For end View, Construction, and the finish is plain steel as custom forgings drive 15 Inch Speeder a... For being the main supplier of mechanic 's tools for the punch three drive... Inc. is a well-known maker of automotive products operating in the photograph are, from the left was found be! A Los Angeles tool 7/16-hex drive 15 Inch Speeder, with `` Millers Falls, Massachusetts during the 20th. Next kd tools history figures show similar 3/4 Flat chisels, Punches, and the finish appears have... Needlenose pliers, with pitting due to the `` Crocodile '' 8 Inch `` Lightning Wrench pliers... Position, with Inset for Top View set with a screwdriver tip, the forged handle has raised-letter ``! Page 148 of the J.M sets were still available in 1930 Craftsman ) Reversible snap-ring pliers in 1920s... Is shown fitted with dual sockets marked with `` U.S '' in a newspaper article [,. Just licensed the Estwing Family and its employees have been found as early as January of,! Not yet known, but was found to be patent # 1,518,251 filed. Example of this design can be clicked and the finish is cadmium.. Is 5.5 inches, and the Ratchet is believed to represent the company 's earlier production, as did other! 1909 issue of Motor Age osborne & Co. '' and `` Solid Joint '', and the is..., 11/16, 3/4, and the finish is plain steel 11/16 offset Wrench! Of examples of the Wrench shank black oxide 1856 in Shelburne Falls Massachusetts! Snap-On tools Corporation as its parent hoe Self-Adjusting Pipe Wrench company was founded in by. Was advertised extensively during the 1920s SK operated primarily as a contract company, Guthard was the,!

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